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FELDSPAR Deposits of the BRYSON CITY District, North Carolina:<BR>NCGS Bulletin 62

Pegmatite deposits discovered in the early 1930's in the Bryson City district of western North Carolina have yielded appreciable quantities of high-grade potash feldspar, and in the middle 1940's the district attained second rank among the producing areas of the State. With the decline of discoveries in the Spruce Pine district, one hundred miles to the northeast, the Bryson City district aroused considerable interest as a possible source of new supplies of potash feldspar. In 1943, Charles E. Hunter, assisted by W. T. McDaniels, Jr., examined the district to ascertain the mode of occurrence of the feldspar deposits. A reconnaissance geologic map of the granitic complex of Bryson City and its vicinity was made. The study indicated that the productive pegmatites occur mostly in a narrow belt along the western side of the granitic complex. In 1944 and 1945, Mr. Hunter discussed his findings with Dr. J. L. Stuckey, State Geologist, and with various members of the U. S. Geological Survey, and pointed out that more detailed study of the district was advisable. The present cooperative investigation is an outgrowth of these discussions. Its purpose was twofold—to make a thorough study of the geology and pegmatite deposits of the district, and to appraise the usefulness of the zonal concept of pegmatite structure in prospecting, developing, and mining feldspar deposits. Full results of the investigation are to be given later in a comprehensive report. The present report summarizes the more salient features of the geology and mineral deposits of the area. Includes 6 plates. By Eugene N. Cameron, 1951. 100 pages.




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