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Slope Movement Hazard Maps of MACON COUNTY, North Carolina:<br>NCGS  Geologic Hazards Map Series - 1<BR>---PERMANENTLY OUT OF STOCK---

In response to the number of slope movements (landslides) and the destruction caused by the remnants of Hurricanes Frances and Ivan in western North Carolina in September 2004, the North Carolina General Assembly authorized the North Carolina Geological Survey (NCGS) to produce landslide hazard maps for 19 western counties. Macon County was selected as the first county to be mapped because of the fatalities caused by a debris flow and the fast-growing population potentially at risk from other slope movements. The intent of the landslide hazard mapping program is to provide the public, local government, and local and state emergency agencies with a description and location of areas where slope movements have occurred, or are likely to occur, and the general areas at risk from these slope movements. The locations of previous slope movements are important because they often reoccur in the same general areas. This predictive mapping is not intended to be a substitute for a detailed, onsite analysis by a qualified geologist or engineer. This publication consists of three maps:

Unfortunately, these maps will no longer be printed. To download the pdf copies for these three maps please go to:

Sheet 1: Slope Movements and Slope Movement Deposit Map of Macon County, North Carolina - 69"x36"

Sheet 2: Stability Index Map of Macon County, North Carolina - 77"x36" (map shown)

Sheet 3: Downslope Hazard Map of Macon County, North Carolina - 65"x36"

By Richard M. Wooten, Rebecca S. Latham, Anne C. Witt, Stephen J. Fuemmeler, Kenneth A. Gillon, Thomas J. Douglas, and Jennifer B. Bauer. September 2006.




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